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Charlotte, NC
We have 3 large growth projects in the Charlotte area that are critical: Kings Mountain Hard Rock Lithium Mine, Albemarle Technology Park (world class R&D campus in the University area), and Richberg Megaflex Lithium Conversion Plant near Chester, S.C. We have a need for skilled craft technical workers at all of these facilities, but we have seen a shortage of skilled manufacturing talent. Electronics & Instrumentation Technicians in particular have been in short supply recently. These will be critical for us as these cutting edge facilities will have digitized controls and automation. Mining is not very prevalent in this area (or the east coast), so we will need to build programs to train this talent. We have already started this with Cleveland County Community College. We will have a sustained need for these talent pipelines even after these new sites are operational. It is an exciting time at Albemarle!
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June 28, 2023
Chemical Operator
Maintenance Mechanic
Electrical & Instrumentation Technician
Quality Control Test Technician
Shipping, Packing, and Warehouse Clerk
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